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PC repairs and builds

Here’s the question, do you repair/upgrade your existing PC, or do you buy a new one?

InTutor will assess your current system and advise on what is honestly viable. If parts can be replaced, or an upgrading is the best rout, then we can carry out all the work. If you want a new PC then we can build you one just for your needs.

Whatever the problem with your PC or Laptop, contact us!!

We are more than happy to help and advise, just drop us a line.

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System Security

You may have a virus!! Or you may just have a cluttered hard drive after years of deleting files, installing and uninstalling, or it has just run out of space so Windows runs SLOW!!

InTutor will scan, clear, attack the problems and make sure your system is clean, secure and running at the best it can.

Windows 10

The new operating system of Windows 10 has been offered for a free upgrade since July 2015, but it has not been a smooth transition fo everyone.

InTutor can backup your data, install the new system and make sure it all runs smoothly.  

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